Hindus held Protest in Bengaluru to ‘Save Sabrimala’ By Nehal and Ankita


Ayyappa devotees took to the streets of Bengaluru protesting, after two women entered the sanctum of the Ayyappa temple in Kerala.

Scores of people, mostly women gathered near Mysore bank circle on Thursday , holding placards of ‘Save Sabarimala’ and were heard chanting Swami shranam Ayyappa throughout the protest.  The protestors, especially the pre-menstrual young women were seen supporting the save Sabrimala movement.

When asked from one such young woman to put forward her view in concern with this protest she said “I think women have to wait for their chance. If they are the real devotees then they must wait for the right time. When I was young I have been there seven times, but now keeping in mind my tradition, my culture I think it’s not the right time to go”.

Sabarimala temple was closed down for punyaham after 2 women in early Tuesday morning below the age of 50 manages entry into the inner sanctorum of the lord Ayyappa temple for the first time after SC judgment. This severely angered the Ayyappa devotees and many Hindu organizations, which started protesting violently. The agitation took to an ugly turn when the political parties got involved in the Ayyappa movement. BJP and RSS declared a state wide hartal bringing Kerala to a complete shutdown. As per the reports suggests one of the Ayyappa devotes have been killed in pandalam, several injured. Not just the southern part of India but a nation-wide protest is been witnessed with thousands of Hindus racking up the issue, nation-wide demanding the SC to alter its judgment.

Bengaluru saw a similar agitation and a wave of emotional sentiments amongst the devotees.  The leaders from Various Hindu outfit organizations took the centre stage and explained the current scenario, the plight of Hindus in and how it’s about time that Hindus must wake up and get united to fight for their rights. To quote one such speaker, she said that this is not a social issue but religious injustices, those two women will always remain in the black books of history. We have slept too much, time has come for us to become one and stand-up for our rights. She also questions the hypocrisy of these activists and the women empowerment as there are many temples where men are also not allowed, so how can this be a matter of gender inequality?”

The common opinion of these protestors was that, this a political vendetta by the communist led Kerala government, while on the other the Chief Minister of Kerala is blaming the BJP RSS duo for instigating violence in the state and making it a political issue.

When we asked one of the protestors named Kavita to share with us her views on the entire matter she said “this seems more like a activists kind of a movement by the anti-hindutavas and I have come here to support this movement. It is very sad to see that people haven’t turned out in huge numbers but probably because we ourselves got to know about it this morning. The whole purpose is to speak against the interference on our beliefs that we have been practicing since are old times. It’s a complete political interference and vested interest that is being implied”

Forty nine review petitions have been already filed against the SC judgment where the only demand is to respect Hindu sentiments and its beliefs and the SC should be fare to all, thereby not intervene in a particular community’s religious or cultural beliefs.

“This incident has hurt crores of Hindus sentiments. This is all propagated by the communist ruling government to hurt our religious sentiments. This is not a matter of gender discrimination, but a matter of age discrimination. There are scientific reasons for not allowing women of a certain age into the temple. However, there are many Ayyappa temples throughout the state of Kerala where women are not denied entry, there is no age bar. Thus, thus the question arises as to why the target is only on one particular temple. Therefore people worldwide are protesting against this movement” says a VHP member Mr. Babunath.

SC is going to hear the review petition on 22nd  of   January where if the demands are not met, then the protest will turn more violent and the Hindus and a more rebellious nation-wide protest is expected.


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