BBMP to construct eight-lane flyover at Okalipuram

BBMP has planned to construct eight-lane flyover at Okalipuram and a grade separator at Old Mysuru Road- Vatal Nagaraj Road junction to avoid traffic congestion.

An official from the BBMP Road Infrastructure Division said, “There will be traffic congestion after the construction of the eight-lane flyover at the Okalipuram Junction is completed. According to the DPR prepared by the consultant, there may be traffic issues near the Shankarlinga Pandian Hotel on Vatal Nagaraj road. To ease the movement of traffic at this junction, we are going to construct two-lane flyover and three-lane underpass.”

“The ‘Y’ junction which connects Rajajinagar, Vijayanagar and Magadi road to the city centre is where commuters and motorists are most severely affected especially during the peak hours. This flyover will help ease movement of traffic coming from the eight-lane flyover,” he added.

BBMP officials said that they  have called for tenders to construct the grade separator after obtaining a detailed project report (DPR) through consultants. It will cost approximately Rs 34.7 crore.

Sources in the BBMP said, “The 500-metre ‘Y’ Junction grade separator project will take at least two years to be completed and work is expected to begin in six months.”

BBMP has bought Rs 154 crore for three- acre plot belonging to the to the railways for the construction of the project which  involves eight underpasses and two pedestrian paths. According to BBMP the flyover will cost Rs 352 crore. They also said that the flyover will benefit the motorists heading towards Vijaynagagr, Rajajinagar and Malleswaram.

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