Sushant Singh Rajput on Sara Ali Khan: She has no pretence

Everyone who has seen the trailer and songs of Kedarnath is raving about the chemistry between Sushant Singh Rajputand Sara Ali Khan. In the film, she plays Mukku, a rich girl from a Hindu priest’s family while he is a Mansoor, a Muslim porter or pithoo who carries pilgrims. In an interview, Sushant said, “Sara has no apprehensions nor pretence. She is very aware about whom she is talking to. Also, she adjusts quickly to the wavelength of the person before her. As a person and an actor, she is very adaptable and that is great for her. We had not just films but 15-20 other topics to talk about.”

The actor who was last seen in Raabta has five films to look forward to in 2019. Talking about them, he said, “I pay attention when I read a script. It is for myself and everyone who will participate in it, like the audience. Then, I do not think at all. Of course, I am thinking right now. There is a sense of responsibility, of course that comes along. (Five films) There are five times I will be evaluated next year, this evaluation is important but not the reason why I do films.”

When asked about the kind of prep he put in for the role of a pithoo, the actor elaborated how work was like play for him. “I took a lot of effort. I was so excited that I did not realise it. It is like playing. When you get hurt while playing, you do not realise. You remember it when studying (laughs),” states the actor.

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