Defection cases should be disposed of within a timeframe:VP

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu Wednesday expressed concern over the the manner in which the Judiciary and Speakers of Legislatures were dealing with cases of political defections and said it needed to be disposed of within a “specific timeframe.”

He also advocated a need for an amendment to the Anti-Defection Law, setting a specific timeframe for disposing of defection cases.

In an informal chat with reporters and some of his acquaintances here, the vice president said “What is so great about it (in determining whether a particular legislator changed parties)? Is it difficult.”

“Cant we understand when a person changes his (political) flag, colour, leader and slogan and goes ahead,” he asked.

Courts too admit petitions and put off the “next hearing” to “next year so and so date,” he said.

“They dont deliver judgments in time. Courts should admit petitions only if they have time and deliver judgment quickly. If they have no time, they should leave it. But they are doing neither this nor that. This is a matter of grave concern,” the vice president said.

Referring to criminal and election-related cases against peoples representatives, he said tribunals and special courts should be set up to deal with and dispose of all such cases within a year.

“Priority should be given to cases in which certain persons are facing allegations because they are going to be our leaders. They should be disposed of within one year,” the vice president said. (PTI)

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