THE DREAM GIRL…Sukanya Singh

We often complain of being misbehaved by people. We recollect them at some point of time and feel very sad, we cry and sometimes we break down. Let us not forget that there are some section of people in our society who always face and struggle with such humiliations, criticism, and insults.  These individuals are not the ones who have come from another planet, but from the human wombs of our mother earth itself. Most commonly we called them ‘Transgenders’ or to an official statement ‘Third Gender’. These individuals are most probably the most affected people in the world who have sacrificed their life, compromised most of their wishes, desires, family and friends, in order to dwell and feed their stomach, in a diversified society of a country like India.

Here are some such individuals who not only made up their mind to live life fully but also to make people of their common identity a worth living. Some of these special gifts of God are blessed enough to create a name and gain fame before a huge range of people, within and outside the country and this has been possible only because of their hard work, dedication and respect for their people, for their community.

“I hope to see a transformed society before I die” says Akkai  Padmashali, a notable Transgender Rights Activist, is one such individual from Karnataka, who started fighting for every single moment  ever  since she gained the ability to understand life by herself. Ever since she realised her identity. She faced a lot of problems both in the public and private fields. She even worked as a sex worker, but these problems could not break her down. She was not silent.  Akkai fought for her Rights and also for people who belong to her community and identity. She is the Founder member of ‘Ondede (meaning convergence in Kannada).’ This organisation aims to create awareness about sexuality, sexual differences and one’s right to choose sexual orientation. Akkai Padmashali is the first transgender individual to be honoured with Karnataka Rajyotsava Award, which is also the second highest civilian award and an honour of the State.

“ We, the transgenders, are often booed and taunted by some people in public but we are like any other human beings.= I am sure that my appointment will make them realise that transgenders are not untouchable,” says Swati Bidhan Baruah. Swati is the first transgender judge and the third of Assam and India respectively. She had been in the news few years ago for moving to Bombay High Court after her family denied her permission for a sex reassignment surgery. Swati  originally known as ‘Bidhan Baruah’, has been fighting for the rights of the people belonging to her identity, of transgender community.

The Transgender activist in Bengal, Joyita Mondal became the first transgender judge in India. She has come up with enough ups and downs in her life regarding her identity. Once upon a time she was forced to beg on the streets. She slept in the bus stands.“ I wasn’t attacked physically or sexually, but I was made the butt of many insensitive jokes. People would talk about me, stare at me and make fun of me “ delivers Mondal in Youth ki Awaaz. Unable to conform the gender norms imposed on her she dropped out of school after class X. She went to Uttar Dinajpur district. There she started working for the trans community and also for others facing any kind of social discriminations. She also pursued her studies then through correspondence and secured herself a degree in law. In 2010 she was the first transgender to get a Voter ID, from her district. Joyita has also started an organisation called ‘ Dinajpur Notun Alo’ who is far reached now helping thousands of individuals in her district.

We people should always search for the positive vibes and ways for our better living, and not grow the nature of insulting people in terms of their sex, height, weight, etc. What matters the most is how we give our living a good name and a meaning. How we look for people, talk to them, encourage them to do something good and great and not criticise people for illogical reasons.

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