PGs: Cops to hold surprise checks

The city police will carry out inspection of paying guest (PG) accommodations to ensure that the safety rules are being followed. Several incidents of theft, robbery, molestation and more have occurred in PGs recently. Whenever such incident occurs, questions are raised about the safety of PGs.

The city police had drafted the rules and imposed them on PGs for the safety of the tenants. But it is found that the rules are not followed and the owners are lackadaisical about implementing them properly.

A senior police officer said, “During a recent meeting, jurisdictional police station inspectors mentioned that there needs to be more stringent rules laid out for PGs as the owners have failed to follow the existing rules, like installing CCTV cameras, maintaining a visitors’ and tenant registry, deploying a security guard and more. But no rule is taken seriously.”

He said, “Only when an incident occurs at a PG people talk about safety and wake up to the reality. But now, we want to carry out inspections and make a list of PGs that have failed to follow the rules and submit it to the BBMP asking them to cancel their licences to run PGs and also penalise the owners.” Another senior police officer said that they will carry out such inspections regularly to ensure that PGs owners take up the safety aspect seriously.

“We want every PG in the city to be equipped with CCTV cameras and a registry of people coming and going. Failing which, the owners will be dealt with strictly. We will not mention the dates, but we will carry out inspections in the next few days. We will also ask the BBMP to take further action, ” he said.

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