The Ultimate Bag Guide for Women

#1 Tote bags

You are wearing the best of your outfit and still wondering what’s missing. Simply add a tote bag and you are good to go. A tote bag is an ideal choice for today’s women who travel a lot. A tote bag can virtually fit everything and anything you need to get through the day. A tote bag is multipurpose and is available in materials like canvas, leather, cotton etc. Choose a tote bag that suits your personality.

#2 Satchels

Satchels are a little roomy as compared to a clutch. They have a wide and well defined frame but are soft on the outside. These bags look extremely stylish and are an ideal choice for women who like to carry something sleek.

#3 Hobos & Shoulder Bags

Planning to go out shopping with your girls? Opt for the uber trendy hobos or shoulder bags as they are really spacious and allow you to carry stuff quite reasonably. Shoulder bags are usually advisable if you are dressed in your casual avatar.

#4 Sling bags           

Sling bags are usually those petite bags with a long strap which allow you to carry your essential stuff in style. Sling bags for women are perfect for those who don’t like to carry a proper handbag. A sling bag comfortably sits on your shoulder. Sling bags are usually loved by teenagers preferably college going girls as they are stylish, spacious and affordable.

#5 Clutches

Women usually love to carry their world along with them. However, if you are looking for a bag that can only hold a few essentials like a makeup kit, your smartphone and credit card, a clutch is an ideal pick. If rightly chosen, a clutch can truly compliment your outfit. You can choose a clutch depending on your usage. If you are heading for a party, go for an ornate clutch with embellishments on it. If you are looking for a formal clutch, opt for simpler clutches with bare minimum decoration.

#6 Wallets

Ladies wallets are a sleeker version of a clutch. They exactly serve the same purpose as that of a clutch. However, wallets are more on the utility side. Wallets are an accompaniment with any of your bag. If you like to carry a wallet only with your casual attire, opt for a pop coloured wallet to stand out of the crowd.



Once you have answered the question about the style of bag, start looking at colour. Different outfits, from just a plain white t-shirt or black dress, can look completely different depending on the choice of handbag.

If you want to make a bold fashion statement, select a primary and secondary colour that are opposite each other on the colour wheel. Doing this shows a sense of adventure. However, don’t use more than 3 colours in your ensemble. When you’re wearing black, white or other neutral coloured clothing, adding a bag in the same colour scheme looks stylish and coordinated. However, if you’re looking for something different, we suggest you do a colour-pop look by adding a bright coloured bag to your neutral coloured clothing, which will add fun to your look.


Remember to take the scale and proportion of your bag into consideration. We suggest you choose a small bag for evening wear or if you’re a small woman. Medium bags suit medium sized ladies or smaller ladies wanting to look smaller. Large handbags are great for larger built women or medium sized ladies wanting to look smaller. The content of your bag also influences your choice in size. If you love to carry a lot with you, a larger handbag would of course suit you better. But what is most important, choose a handbag that expresses your personality best.


If your outfit has a busy pattern, it is best to wear a simple bag with an uncomplicated design and material. When your chosen bag has a pattern or print, we suggest you keep your outfit simple and straightforward with one or maybe two colours.

We hope this quick guide helps you with choosing the perfect complimentary bag to best suit your outfit.

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