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The entire world is experiencing a number of technologies and co-operating with the newly emerging discoveries. Technological  developments in todays’ world is not only confined in the field of agriculture, social, economic, political environment etc. They are also developing in collaboration with some superb talents, minds, hearts  and creative skills of some very blessed individuals. And hence we get to explore new forms of education and  entertainment . The trendy and cool culture  amongst the youth of todays’ generation, ‘ Nail Art’ is the core topic of the quoted article.

‘Nail-art’ is the form of art that are embossed in the nails of hands and feet of an individual with some very decorative patterns , abstract ideas, colours and moreover the art that enhances one’s beauty. Nail-art is not just a form of art but also the drawings that illustrates one’s creativity, efforts, patience and love and dedication towards this skillful activity. As per the Wikipedia, nail art was first introduced by the Egyptian Queens.

Scherezaad Y. Panthaki, is a Nail Salon Owner and International Nail Educator, Mumbai, India. She is  a celebrity manicurist in Mumbai and has almost 20 years of experience in the Nail Industry. She says “ Nail Art is a personal art form which  portrays one’s personality to an extent and makes a bold statement for an individual.”

Scherezaad showcased her interest upon this form of art since she was 16 years old. “ For me it all happened totally by chance and I grew  to love every moment of it. It is very exciting and lot of fun at the same time and creatively stimulating “ says Scherezaad. She also has the credit of being trained in different institutions of various parts of the world such as – USA, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Canada, etc. She is even the luckiest nail technician who has got the opportunity to work with some popular names of the Indian Fashion Industry with designers such as – Tarun Tahilliani, Malini Ramani, Wendall Rodericks, Bandana Tewari (fashion critic ) and others.

Scherezaad replies “ Nail art is the best form or a great cover up for hiding certain natural or unnatural, permanently or temporary flaws in the nail bed” when asked about the benefits of nail art. She also adds that if the nail art is correctly and rightly done by  the  professionals, it will be really a specialised, miniature art form. “The profession gives one a lot of levy to play around and be expressive” says Scherezaad.

Nail Art is gaining a standard status in the Indian society since last 5 years. It is growing rapidly.” This form of art is now in demand in the wedding seasons and holidays” says Scherezaad. She also adds “Yes and No” to the question as to how this form of art is covering the spaces in the Indian market. She elaborates further “Some people like to stick to the traditional and minimalist ways of adoring their nails with standard colours like henna and some are there who loves to experiment bold and loud with their nails, creating individual status in the arena of fashion and art. So either way the profession demands clients.”

“Nail art is still a niche profession and one cannot survive in it by exclusively being a nail artist. You have to be an all rounder, full blown, well-educated and experienced nail technician. Specialising in certain kinds and aspects of Nail art is something one can eventually be known for but it is a part of a much bigger picture” says Scherezaad. Regarding the scope of this form of art she delivers “There are lot of scope as people are exposed to global fashion and beauty on a huge scale. Plus the trends in the beauty industry are ever changing and the demand for high quality Nails is wanted by one and all, from a simple hardworking housewife to a supermodel. Women always love to indulge in all various kinds of beauty” says smiling Scherezaad.

It is not easy to be a nail artist overnight. It requires certain skills, patience, dedication and one’s creativity to come up with some very fascinating designs or patterns or concepts. Scherezaad adds “ You need to be a licensed nail technician before being ever touch a client’s hands. Unfortunately in India, we do not have any valid official system for most beauty treatments. Locally and Nationally little experiences and certificates of completion are widely accepted.”

“ Genuine, Licensed, Certified courses are if implied and made mandatory, then I assure that the quality and standard of services all over the country would be drastically different to what they are now and would take the graph upward and there will be no looking back” concludes Scherezaad.





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