Priyanka Chopra confirms her relationship with Nick Jonas

And the lady in love has finally spoken!Priyanka Chopra, who until a few days back was only allowing her pictures with Nick Jonas do all the talking, finally decided to speak up and boy, her statement does speak a lot about how things are getting really serious after their recent trip to India. Perhaps, the time spent in India helped them know each more. Or you never know, it’s all thanks to PeeCee’s family who ensured Nick gets the warmest welcome into their family and feels accepted. Well, somehow everything seems to be working out really well for PC and Nick and the actress is more than happy to know that the man she loves, is equally loving her company.

As Priyanka mentioned in her interview with People.com, “We’re getting to know each other and I think it was a great experience for him. It was really beautiful. He had a great time. That’s what he said. I think he really enjoyed it.” Now if this doesn’t confirm their relationship status then I don’t know what will. Had Priyanka not been serious or had she not been ready to talk about Nick, she could have easily dodged the question by saying a line or two. But the fact she didn’t deny and admitted that they’re in fact getting to know each other proves how they are hoping to make things work.

Now that Priyanka and Nick both have met each other’s families, we wouldn’t be surprised if they get engaged sometime soon. Sources close to the couple are already vouching for their engagement. Say for that matter, the two have also exchanged promise rings, further dropping hints on their ‘committed’ status. What do you think? Is it time for them to take their relationship to the next level? Or should they spend more time together before taking the big step?

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