Are Prabhas, Anushka still together?

Last year, after the stupendous success of Baahubali 2, the lead pair, Prabhas and Anushka were the talk of the town. While their individual acts were praised by the fans, it was their work as a team that won them more praise and fame. With her striking beauty and his towering presence, they made for one good looking pair. And their chemistry was just crackling. In fact, after this film, rumours of an alleged relationship started to grow bigger. Fans were sure that Prabhas and Anushka were together even though they called each other ‘good friends’. There were even rumours of them getting engaged last year but that was rubbished later on. Currently, there has been no news on the couple. With Prabhas being busy shooting for Saaho, and Anushka maintaining a low profile, rumours about their relationship have died out. That makes us wonder if Prabhas and Anushka are still together?

All those Pranushka fans out there, don’t be disappointed because a source revealed to us exclusively that the couple is very much together and what’s more, they are going stronger than ever! Prabhas might be shooting in full swing for Saaho, but that does not stop him from exchanging a word or two with his ladylove on video calls. Distance or projects haven’t dampened their relationship in any way! Recently, we also revealed to you how she is a possessive girlfriend who likes to know who is on the other side of Prabhas’ call. Last year she made sure to give Prabhas a special gift on his birthday. Interestingly, Anushka was to do Saaho, but due to reasons unknown, the actress was no longer a part of the project. When Shraddha was finalised for the project, Anushka was the first to know.

While this news of them going strong is leaving us happy, we would be simply delighted if there was an announcement of their next film together. Although Baahubali 2 will be etched in our memories, we can never get enough of Amarendra and Devasena, can we?

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