Kangana supports Deepika’s Padmavati but won’t sign petition



The reports of Kangana Ranaut refusing to support Deepika Padukone in the Padmavati row have been circulating since yesterday. According to these reports, Kangana was approached by Shabana Azmi, to sign a petition seeking support for Deepika, but Kangana flatly refused. Shabana was rather angry, at this behaviour.

Most assumed that the refusal was related to Kangana’s uneasy equation with Deepika. However, according to a recent report in Times Now, Kangana explained the real reason why she didn’t want to support the campaign for Deepika.

In her usual forthright and blunt way, Kangana asserted that Deepika has all her support, but she was wary of Shabana’s investment in left wing vs right wing politics. She said, “I was filming Manikarnika in Jodhpur, got a call from my dear friend Anushka Sharma to sign the petition written by Ms Shabana Azmi, I explained to Anushka that Deepika Padukone has all my support but I am a bit wary of Shabana Azmi’s investment in left wing vs right wing politics.”

Not just this, Kangana also added, “I am on the fence about many things and being a part of a feminist movement called ‘Deepika bachao’ lead by someone who character assassinated me when I was bullied, seems to be one of them.”

Shabana Azmi had openly voiced support for Hrithik Roshan, in his public and ugly battle with Kangana.

The latter clearly hasn’t forgotten that, either. Kangana said clearly that she didn’t need anyone else’s support to support someone else. “I am an individual perfectly capable of supporting who I like without anyone’s support.”

So, in short, it’s not Deepika who’s in Kangana’s bad books. It’s Shabana Azmi.

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