Potholes: AAP to launch campaign today


Pramita Sarkar

Bengaluru: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is set to launch a campaign to fix potholes in the city on Saturday. Four lives were lost in road accidents due to potholes recently.

“People are suffering due to bad condition of roads in the city. Who is responsible for these deaths that occurred within a week? People are asking for good roads but government is giving us potholes instead,” AAP Bengaluru in-charge Shanthala Damle told reporters here on Friday.

Pointing out Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s insensitivity and callous behavior, she said many people were injured  and vehicles were damaged due to potholes on the roads in the city.

AAP’s citywide campaign to fix the potholes will ensure participation of citizens who will take the responsibility of each pothole until it gets fixed. Volunteers from AAP will assist all these citizens to complain to the authorities concerned and do a follow up.

She said since Siddaramaiah has washed his hands off his responsibility by saying “what can we do?”, it is now the turn of the citizens of Bengaluru to join hands and show what they can really do in the upcoming elections.

Every year huge funds are being spent on laying roads and temporary fixing of potholes during monsoon, but all is a waste as the condition of the roads remains same. “Where are the funds going?” asks Shanthala.

Blaming sub-standard work for the bad condition of the roads in the city, she said the potholes were not being fixed with the money allocated but pockets of corrupt elected representatives and authorities.

“I appeal people of Bengaluru to identify one pothole each and ensure the BBMP staffs to fix it,’’ she said.



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