Faulty execution of water schemes causes concern


Ballari: The Ballari Zilla Panchayat has called for all the details, along with the documents, with regard to faulty execution of multi-village drinking water schemes in the district. An announcement in this regard was made by K.V. Rajendra, ZP Chief Executive Officer, at the general body meeting held here on Wednesday, in the wake of concerns expressed by members cutting across party lines over the faulty execution, and the benefits of the schemes, after spending a whopping amount, was not serving the purpose.

“There have been a lot of complaints over multi-village drinking water schemes not being executed properly on one hand and the selection of the site for the scheme was faulty. Therefore, I have called for all details, documents and records, as to when was the scheme executed, its present status, under whose supervision the scheme was implemented, and the like. After going through the records and documents, we will recommend to the departments concerned to initiate stern action against the officials for their lapses,” he said. He expressed his shock and surprise over spending three times more for repairs compared to the original cost of the scheme and favoured fixing of responsibility on the officials concerned for the faulty execution. “Within a week I will be getting the details and without further delay I will forward the same to the departments concerned recommending stern action against the then officials in-charge of the executing the scheme for their faulty execution,” he said.

Allum Prashant, who was one of the members to rake up the issue of faulty execution, drew the attention of the meeting about the lack of vision of the officials concerned while preparing the line estimates of the schemes. “Though the drinking water scheme proposed keeping in view the population during the next 20 years, they fail or do not agree to suggestions to lay pipelines of bigger diameter for intake and also other infrastructure facilities for supply. I agree that the cost may go up slightly but it would be helpful to overcome the problems arising out of after two decades with minimum investments to cater to the increased population”, he said to which Mr. Rajendra instructed the officials to consider the same in future.

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