Easy to grow vegetable seeds and plants at home


Do you dream of harvesting your own home grown vegetables, but just don’t know where to start? Wondering which vegetables are easy to grow? From pots to plots, there are vegetables to suit gardens of every size. ‘Growing your own’ isn’t complicated. Read our quick overview of our top 10 easy to grow vegetables, and start sowing today.


  1. Salad Leaves

Crunchy fresh leaves with a fantastic range of textures and flavours. Try sowing our easy Salad ‘Speedy Mix’ throughout the summer months, and you’ll be cutting fresh leaves for your sandwiches just 3 weeks later! Better still, they will continue growing so you can harvest them again and again. See our full range of salad leaves here.


  1. Spring onions and Radishes

Spice up your salads with spring onions and peppery radish. Spring onions and radishes make easy vegetables to grow in pots, or sow them directly into the ground throughout the summer for a succession of crunchy, colourful crops.


  1. Potatoes

Plant potatoes during late February and March in potato bags that are only part filled with compost. When the green shoots begin to appear above the soil, simply cover them with more compost. Repeat this until the bag is full, and then you only need remember to water them! The fun comes at the end of the season, 10 to 20 weeks later, when the foliage starts to yellow and die back. Tip the bag out and rummage around in the soil to collect up your own home grown potatoes.

  1. Peas

Peas are a trouble free crop that enjoy cooler weather. Sow them directly into the ground from March to June and look forward to the incredible sweet flavour of fresh picked peas from June to August. All they require is support for their stems – simply erect some chicken wire or netting between supports at each end of the row.

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