2 times CM by the grace of God: kumaraswamy


‘I’ve had the chance to become a CM twice. I was the CM of this state by accident. I have bought myself into this political system. I am not crazy about continuing in politics,”said former chief minister HD kumaraswamy.

To me, the people are important, and there is a cunning politics going on. There is no politics for the good today. Regarding the politics of caste and influence today, HDK spoke of political retirement.

Kumaraswamy has said against the media not to drag my family into controversy repeatedly. The allies of one class of the media have succeeded in establishing the most sacred government. The new government has come and gone. HDK said things like nobody’s started, just wait.

The transfer of powers is up to the chief minister’s discretion in any government. Officers have been targeted without transfer and posting. Two cancels the post, which shows how confident the authorities are. Kumaraswamy criticized Yeddyurappa for saying that he was alone and that the Cabinet could not be formed but still run for six months.

There are activists in the other fifteen constituencies. Who knows the name of Prajwal and Nikhil. Why is this kind of Kapoloi news not stopped yet? Some media outlets have hampered young Nikhil’s political development in Mandya. I was told to continue in the cinema industry for another five years,”he said.

There is a limit to the media too, stop making stories for your hometown. Former CM HDK pledged to keep your dignity and respect.

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