1.5+ lakh devotees at Banashankari temple

More than one and a half lakhs of devotees arrived at Banashankari Amman’s Temple in Prakrith Nagar on the first Friday of Asha’s month.

The early morning worship rituals continued at the temple till 10 pm. In the morning, Banashankari Devi was anointed, performed a special floral decoration, and performed the Mahamangalarathi. The statues of Shakambari Devi, Durga Parameshwari and the Chowdeshwari festival beside the sanctum sanctorum of Amman were also given special floral decorations. A small chariot ceremony was held at the temple premises at night. Jaika shouted at the devotee’s mum who was crying.

Muzarayi Department Minister P. T. Parameshwara Nayak visited the temple in the morning. Sasaki Anita Kumaraswamy arrived in the evening and worshiped and received the darshan of the Goddess. The members of the city polity, a prominent Nana constituency received the darshan of the Goddess. Devotees gathered in the temple premises for an entire day.


Many devotees who visited the temple offered saree, madilakki, bangle, turmeric saffron. Thousands of devotees offered to the Goddess with the light of a lemon. The distribution of Prasada began at 7 am and continued till 9 pm.

With a special walkthrough Millennials with income of 2 lakhs received special darshan at the temple. Shradhar, the executive officer of the temple, said that over 2 lakh rupees were raised in a single day on Friday.

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